Speak Up About Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse is just as traumatizing as Physical Abuse. It will leave you with a deep cut, emotional wounds that can take months, years, and sometimes even a lifetime to heal. Emotional abuse is manipulation at its finest. The abuser having absolute control over the victim of the mayhem. Everlasting game of guilt and blame. Constant compulsive lies being told straight to the sufferer’s face. In order to fulfill their ego, of course, they feel the need to use their voice to act superior and leave the victim feeling empty and frightened. Emotional abuse is the power of the “Silent Treatment” to fairly punish the target for not doing what they say, how dare you? Anything you say and do WILL be used against you at a later time when it’s needed for blackmail. The victim of the ongoing insanity is not entitled to express their emotions freely and even if they were to, it would not be even slightly acknowledged. Although the person being abused knows what really happens behind the scenes, the abuser will be sure to make outsiders believe the victim is the “crazy” one. If you attempt to escape the trap, be prepared for absurd violent threats towards you and to hurt themselves.

Please speak up if you’re involved in any toxic, cruel relationship like this. No matter if it consists of friends, family, or a significant other, nobody deserves to be treated in a way as such. It can and will damage you, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself because you are worthy of much much more. 

Find Your Way Back To Who You Really Are

Find your way back to your authentic self before society and the people around you told you who to be. We could become quick to feel unhappy and lost when we’re not being true to ourselves. Think about certain activities or hobbies you engaged in during your childhood, you’ll be surprised to realize how much of your self you have lost over the years. Remind yourself of all things that genuinely excited you. Start doing more of what truly made you happy before certain ideas around you came to influence you. Overall, always be who you were meant to be.

Living In Solitude

There is something about living in solitude from time to time that intimidates a majority of people. The idea of being alone with our thoughts and feelings for quite some time can seem forbidding. A lot of us are always aiming to be entertained or distracted by being surrounded by the presence of others. We can’t fathom to face our problems and undesirable feelings directly.

The easiest solution we usually tend to think of is to run away from all of it. We avoid our predicaments by relying on others to make us feel “complete” or we wash our sorrows and worries away in substances such as pills and alcohol. Many times, this then leads to co dependent relationships and continuous addiction. We can only suppress our thoughts and emotions for a brief amount of time. After burying the reality of the circumstances, they are still going to remain. It is inevitable that we are going to be handed hardships during our lives.

If we can learn to accept that pain eventually makes us grow and become wiser, we can realize that it is much more effortless to cope and gain knowledge through enjoying our solitude.

Energy And Vibes Are Real

Use your energy wisely. Not everyone or everything deserves a reaction. Vibes are real, when someone gives you negative energy you must trust that shit. If you have some negative people lingering in your life , learn to cut those ties loose. They will drain you faster than you could ever imagine. If you decide that someone no longer serves any positive influence or purpose in your life , do not hesitate to keep your distance. It doesn’t always mean there has to be conflict involved, you are never obligated to give anyone an explanation. Because i can guarantee they wouldn’t have an explanation for acting their pessimistic ways either. Treat your relationships and friendships accordingly.

A Note To My Youthful Self

You may stumble upon some traumatic events but these predicaments my dear, can only be given such power if you hand it over. Hold on tight through these obstacles because somewhere down the road, they will be proven to be beneficial. Although at times you may feel alone in this chaotic world, every human you walk past daily are battling demons whether it may be revealed outwardly or not, you are not alone.

Above all else, do not hesitate to speak up. Your voice will not go unnoticed. Some things need to be released from the mind for healing and further clarity. You are just as valuable and significant in this world, as any other human. Not everyone will accept you but don’t worry thats okay, these people won’t even prove to accept themselves. Most importantly, love every part of yourself. Nobody’s preferences and views in life are the same and that is why each individual is unique. As long as you can learn to love and appreciate every part of which makes you whole, no other opinion or remark will be proven to be valid. Whatever you chose to do, whatever path you chose to take, just remember to listen to the voice within. It will always know the way.

Love always,

The wiser you🦋🌹❣️

The Sun Won’t Always Shine

I used to wish minutes, even days away,

to simply come across my lucky day.

Not knowing that i was the creator,

of all things that i encountered .

Maybe one day it will be better, perhaps later

Until one evening it dawned upon me.

I am the one that decides all that could be.

Because even tho the sun may not always shine,

my soul can and will continue to grow.

That is something for sure, i know.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day, a day known to presenting love to friends, family and if in a relationship, your significant other. But most importantly, a day to honor and give your SELF the love you truly deserve. Despite the fact that everyday you should be doing so, the love we have for ourselves determines how we so often attempt to express our love to others. Happy valentines day !🤗🙆🏻‍♀️🌹❣️

You’re Not Here To Be Mediocre

Why do you believe people fail to meet their goals or passion? Is it because they’re not “good enough?” or possibly don’t have the required skills to make their dream a reality? Maybe that is the reason. But MAYBE it has to do with something more than that. The reason why the majority of people fail to become successful doing what they love is due to the cause of themselves. Can you imagine, having the potential to obtain that dream you so badly desire but your OWN mind blocks you from achieving it? That is got to be the most disappointing reason. It happens to many people daily. What I mean by that is, people have this “dream career” or insanely huge passion to fulfill their life purpose, but their lack of confidence in themselves and their abilities is the reason why their dream remains a dream. They believe in their minds, they would never be able to accomplish it and the result becomes settling to live a mediocre life, tolerating to be unsatisfied. Their unique and remarkable talents go unnoticed. You would be surprised how much you could achieve if you simply put the doubtful thoughts to the side and for once, trusted yourself.


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